The Power Of Distribution

Are you the owner of an ice cream manufacturing company? It is your duty is to ensure that you send stocks of ice creams from your manufacturing plant to your distributors all over the United Kingdom in such a manner so that they reach their destination points without any damage. You require a special vessel that has freezers that keep the ice cream from melting during the transportation process. It is the same case with the pharmaceutical industry too. Many medicines, especially different types of solutions such as eye drops, ear drops, as well as injection ampoules should be stored below a specific temperature to prevent them from getting damaged. Therefore, it is essential that you select a transport company that can carry these perishables to their destination point safely and without being contaminated. This type of service is beyond the scope of general transportation agencies, as they rarely have refrigerated vehicles, and is best suited for specific haulage companies. If your firm is located in the north east region of England, you need the help of haulage companies north east that have refrigerated carriers.

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Points to ponder

You should make sure that the company you plan to hire has third party insurance, as you need this to compensate for losses suffered in case the damage your goods during the transportation process because of their fault. You should also check the number of years the company has been in the business and whether they serve destinations to which you want to send your goods. A professional company will send their vehicle to your factory or outlet, pack the goods inside insulated containers, and then place them in their vehicle. Once completed, they will transport the goods to the destination point(s) and hand over the packages to the addressees. You should also check the track record of the company to find out whether they deliver goods within the decided schedule. This is extremely vital, as you cannot afford to leave your customers stranded when they immediately require your goods. In such a scenario, they might hire another company. Although the medicine and ice cream factory require such services, there are other companies too that require such special transportation services.

Other types of perishables

The fruit, vegetable, and meat industries also depend quite a lot on haulage companies north east, as this allows them to send their fresh stock of meat, vegetables, and fruits to their wholesalers on time, every day. As a farmer producing organic vegetables and fruits, you need quick and reliable transportation of your perishables in a refrigerated environment, so that they remain fresh until the time of delivery. The milk industry is another example of industries that depend a lot on refrigerated vehicles to haul their product to other parts of the United Kingdom.


You should always use a reputable company for transporting your perishable products to different regions of north east England. Search for a company in your locality that has refrigerated transportation vehicles, and have a track record of delivering products of their clients on time, and hand over the job of transporting your perishables to them.